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Adult Sabbath School

The Sabbath School Department fosters personal and spiritual growth. Here we share thoughts and feelings,
aspirations and hope. We gather strength, light and courage from one another.We work to keep our members, to reclaim those who fall by the way, and to add new members. We accomplish all this through evangelism and social outreach. The work of our department is both spiritual and social.

The Sabbath School programme begins at 9:15 each Sabbath (Saturday) morning. Classes are lively, dynamic and provide the opportunity for questions and answers. The goal of the classes is to foster bible study and spiritual growth.

Classes are organized from children to adults. The children's classes are based on different age groupings. There are Adult and Young Adult classes each having a teacher and an assistant. Join us to explore God's Word together.

 You can also access weekly lessons online by clicking on the following link: