A message from our pastor

The Joy of Answered Prayer
Psalm 30


There are times in our lives when the Lord seems distant and our prayers seem meaningless. In those dark moments of life it seems easy to slip into loneliness and depression. David knows this reality far too well; even though he was God's anointed he felt the sting of seemingly worthless prayers.

But in this Psalm he takes time to remind us that God does answer prayer. Our dark moments are only temporary, our weeping is only for a night and our joy comes in the morning. The joy the Lord brings can’t be contained; it causes action and celebration. I don't know your inner struggles but God does. Give it all to Him in prayer!

The Lord has recently blessed my wife and me with a daughter and we chose to name her Yanai, which means “God will answer.” We chose this name to be a constant reminder that God will answer our prayers and that we should not lose hope as we go through the dark times of life.

There is nothing sweeter than an answered prayer!

In this Psalm David takes time to thank the Lord for being faithful.  The Lord has truly been, still is and ever will be faithful.  David desires never to be silent about the goodness of God, and why should he be?  Why should you and I be?

Our prayer today is: It is with grateful hearts that we come before You, Lord, thanking You for being so faithful, thanking You for being willing to hear our prayers. Thank you Lord!  Help us not to lose hope but to declare to others just how good our God is, and that You are faithful and always hear our prayers.